About Us

MICROLIT, established in 1991, has emerged as a successful & reliable source of liquid handling products. Microlit products have successfully competed with some of the world's most established brands. Strong R&D base, continuous efforts and regular market feedback have been key in helping the company innovate and continuously upgrade and expand its product line.

Offering a complete range of Micropipettes, Bottle Top Dispensers, Electronic Pipette Filling Device, Pipette stands and tips, Microlit has proven its competence and vision. Microlit has achieved a significant and growing presence in more than 55 countries worldwide. Prompt deliveries and continuous customer support is an important aspect of MICROLIT's philosophy. Microlit is ISO 9001:2008 certified company and all products are CE certified.


  • MICROLIT products are a strong combination of high accuracy and precision.
  • Our prime objective is to produce and market high quality products at most competitive prices.
  • Customer relations and high level of service is highly valued by MICROLIT
  • MICROLIT constantly strives to live up to the expectations of its esteemed family of customers by continuous innovation and development of new products.


The factory is established in an area of 100,000 sq. ft and provides an eco-friendly work environment.

  • Tool Room: In-house facility for mould development, maintenance and R&D.
  • State of the Art Mold-Making Facility: In-house facility for moulding plastic components.
  • Assembly Shop: A well established assembly unit comprising of Skilled workers.
  • Quality Control: Each product undergoes a strict Quality check at all levels right from Raw material, components, in-process Q-C, final Q-C and calibration.
  • Standardized Printing & Packaging Facility


Microlit is a vertically integrated company that sells its products in India through its Nationwide distribution, sales and service network. This established network provides a solid platform for Microlit to build and expand the global market position and to maintain close relationships with end-users. This has also helped Microlit to provide more responsive approach to market demands.

International Presence

Microlit products are also sold internationally through an extensive distribution, sales and support network. Overseas business covers strong and growing presence in developed nations such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc. and also derives significant growth from developing markets, including countries like Brazil, Russia, Mexico and other South American countries.

R & D

Microlit's R&D platform is an integration of advanced technology and outstanding human resources. Since 1991, Microlit has launched several new and/or upgraded products every year. Its R&D infrastructure includes a team of engineers and experienced technicians. Launch of Electronic Micropipettes in 2006 and Bottle Top Dispensers in 2008 are the major landmarks of Microlit's R&D strength.